This unique facility permits Ashley’s solicitors, if they prefer, as an alternative to booking his services by telephone, to make a direct enquiry on line about his availability for any date(s) required up to seven months in advance and to secure the booking if desired. In the event that the date enquired of is not available, please consider telephoning Ashley Murray’s Chambers at telephone number 0151 559 3285 or emailing an enquiry to

To check Ashley’s availability

  • Please click on the drop box in the window to the right and choose a booking type;
  • The diary for the current month will appear, if you wish to see another month, click on the arrow;
  • Available dates are shown in black and bold.
  • Click on available date to book and fill in required details.

In the event that a date is shown as available, any booking made will in the first instance, be immediately acknowledged by a return automated email sent confirming the receipt of the booking request made.

All such ‘Confirmation’ bookings as seen across will be strictly provisional and subject to the solicitor receiving Ashley’s acceptance of the same by telephone or email no later than the close of business on the same day or the start of business on the next working day, followed by a formal letter of acknowledgement and/or his terms of engagement.

Please note that all Ashley’s instructions/bookings are accepted by him and/or on his behalf strictly in accordance with his ‘Terms of Business’ (for details click here)