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Legal 500 2022 review

October 7, 2022

Ranked 1

“Ashley Murray – Ashley Murray Chambers’ Ashley is simply the best family finance barrister in the North. His attention to detail is second-to-none. He is down to earth and puts the clients at ease. He explains everything. His paper work is immediate and a full conference note follows every conference within 24 hours and ofter sooner. He is an amazing advocate and immensely respected by the Judiciary.”

Financial Remedies Journal 2022

October 7, 2022

A Short Childless Marriage Lasting Just Months – An Award Too High?

Falling love at first sight for a glamorous looking woman on a Eurostar rail journey was for this Husband to prove a costly mistake. After just 5-7 months of cohabitation / marriage and 6 days of a London High Court hearing, W may on the other hand consider the price of the train ticket was still well worthwhile.

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April 27, 2022

Caroline Norton

Family Law’s Forgotten Heroine


At the cemetery at Lecropt Kirk, Bridge Allan, Stirling, Scotland, Caroline Elizabeth Sarah Sheridan Norton (22.03.1808 to 15.06.1877) lies in rest in the Stirling Maxwell vault nearby the grave of one of her three children William Charles Chapple Norton (26.08.1833 to 12.09.1842). 

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New Ranking

October 25, 2021

“Ashley has now uniquely on the Northern Circuit completed over 2 decades of being consistently placed year by year in Band 1 as Matrimonial Finance Counsel by both of the National Professional Legal Directories: Chambers and Partners 2022 and Legal 500 2022.”

“Band 1 Ashley Murray – Specialises in advising on divorce and related financial remedy issues.  He regularly advises clients on complex prenuptial agreements and represents high-profile individuals in ancillary relief cases.

Strengths: “Ashley is an absolute pleasure to deal with: always thoroughly prepared, his bedside manner puts clients immediately at ease and his knowledge of the law is second to none.”  “He has meticulous preparation and his attention to detail is phenomenal.  He has such a good grasp of the law; if he says something, judges will go with it.” – 2022, Chambers and Partners

New Eighth Edition

October 5, 2020

Cohabitation: Law, Practice and Precedents Eighth edition & CD
Cohabitation: Law, Practice and Precedents
is the only work on the subject to provide commentary, checklists, procedural guides and precedents in a single volume making it an invaluable aid to all practitioners advising unmarried couples.
by James Cook (Author)Helen Wood (Author)Ashley Murray(Author)David Salter (Author)

Family Flyer 81

March 17, 2020

One Swallow Does Not Make A Summer

An analysis of XW v XH [2019] EWCA Civ 2262


In White (2000) Lord Nicholls powerfully emphasised “one principle of universal application“, namely that: 

  • In seeking to achieve a fair outcome, there is no place for discrimination between the husband and the wife and their respective roles“, at p.605 B/C; and
  •  “..whatever the division of labour chosen by the husband and wife, or forced upon them by circumstances, fairness requires that this should not prejudice or advantage either party when considering” their respective contributions, at p. 605 D; and 

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Family Flyer 80

March 17, 2020

The Financial Remedy Courts (‘FRC’) 

Good Practice Protocol (Nov 2019) – Summarised


The following is my summarised version of the recently published Best Practice Protocol, which practitioners can expect will be increasingly applied by the Family Remedy Court locally – with little, if any, exception – it is crucial that we all are familiar with the basic requirements covered – I have asterisked * commentary on those requirements which need particular attention….

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Family Flyer 79

March 17, 2020

Women in the Law – Time to Arise

Introduction:1. Having spent more than 45 years in practice as a barrister mainly in family law and much of that in divorce financial remedy cases, the author has witnessed at first hand in that time the working out of the Matrimonial Causes Act 1973,which had then just come on to the statute book. 

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Family Flyer 78

March 17, 2020

Waggott Rules OK

O’Dwyer v O’Dwyer [2019] EWHC 1838 (Fam)

1. An appeal before Francis J from a first instance financial remedy decision of His Honour Judge O’Dwyerwhich reveals the  approach required following Waggott v Waggott[2018] 2FLR 406, that a spouse’s future income post divorce is off limits to the sharing principle unless need or compensation require otherwise and the extent of capital amortisation necessary in the exercise of assessing the weaker financial spouse’s income to meet needs.

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Family Flyer 77

March 17, 2020

The Pilot Scheme and Dialogue 

1. One of the former President’s last acts was the extended roll out of the Financial Court Pilot Scheme (President’s Circular: Financial Remedies Court Pilot Phase 2 -July 2018), which at last creates in 9 regions, a specialised financial judge system of courts. The intention is this initiative along with the Family Court generally becomes fully digitised in due course. The centralisation of such expertise, it is hoped, will be its own driver for excellence and consistency of delivery – which is not only required in this area of law but others too.

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