Family Finance Flyer Issue 7

McCartney v McCartney [2008] EWHC 401 (Fam) – Bennett J.

The Wife (40), acting in person with McKenzie friends, already owned 2 properties within the UK and sought by her open offer a clean break as based upon an annual need for herself and the parties’ child (4 years) of £3.25mpa representing a Duxbury award of c.£99.5m. She also sought two properties owned by the parties in Hollywood and New York, capital of £8m to £12.5m for a London home and £3m for another New York property, between £500k and £750k for an office in Brighton, the transfer of a mortgage and another property in relation to which her family were involved, chattels and compensation for “loss of earnings contribution and conduct”.  Click here to read more.