Family Flyer 102

“NEEDS” – No Hiding Place on Costs for Exaggerated Claims – an analysis of Peel J in WC v HC (2022) EWFC 40

In the Ashley Murray Chambers Case Update No 100 (‘TIME OUT- ABIDE BY THE RULES – OR ELSE! – analysis of WC v HC [2022] EWFC 22’) the substantive decision of Peel J in this matter was fully analysed. The Court determined W on a “needs” based approach should recover value of £7.45m. Subsequently, the parties addressed the consequential costs arguments. The combined costs amounted to £1.6m (W £917k and H £709k – the main difference in amounts being that H was not liable for vat).

H sought costs from W of £310k and W sought costs of £264k from H, being her costs of two interlocutory hearings (mps and directions) and in meeting H’s arguments as to the application of an unsigned post marital agreement. 

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