Family Flyer 96

Pensions – “A Little Knowledge is a Dangerous Thing” – T v T (variation of pension sharing order and underfunded schemes) [2021] EWFC B67


H and W cohabited 1992 and married 1995. H a commercial director and W a hospital administrator had 2 children (20 & 25). They had separated in 2013 when H left the Fmh and their decree nisi was in 2013. The DJ made a final financial remedy order in 2015. The order provided for the Fmh to go to W and H to retain his own home bought post separation with a 40% PSO to W of H’s company pension (£826k ce) and both keeping their other pensions. The 40% PSO reflected the DJ’s broad assessment of balancing value for W gaining the whole of the Fmh value.

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